Sports Betting in California: On the Horizon?

Could the push to legalize sports betting in California be making a comeback? Although two propositions to legalize both in-person and mobile sports betting failed in the November 2022 ballot, it seems that early efforts are already underway in the 2023 legislative sessions to revive the push for legalization. However, legalizing sports betting in California will likely require a constitutional amendment, which means that residents will need to vote on it again. If all goes well, sports betting in California may become legal by 2024 at the earliest.

Sports are a huge part of Californian culture, and if online sportsbooks are legalized, the latest California sports book deposit bonus and California sports book promo code could become very popular. In the meantime, bettors can still participate in sports betting at the race track and take advantage of what the state of California currently offers.

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