Compton Fire Station 1 Temporarily Closed Due to Health Concerns and Water Damage

Compton Fire Station 1, located in Compton, California, has been temporarily closed due to concerns regarding water damage and the potential for mold. Union representatives from Compton Firefighters Local 2216 have stated that repairs to the station are expected to take approximately 30 days. The issues at Fire Station 1 are believed to have been caused by water leakage, possibly resulting from recent storms. Upon arriving at the station, Antonio Chavez, the union vice president of Compton Firefighters Local 2216, noticed water leaking from the bathroom, leading to a closer inspection that revealed portions of the ceiling starting to fall down.

As a result of the water damage and mold concerns, a section of the building was closed on March 31. While administrative staff working in a separate part of Fire Station 1 can still operate from there, around 15 firefighters have been relocated to the living quarters of Fire Station 3. Union representatives have expressed concerns about potential delays in emergency response times due to the relocation of firefighters. However, they assure that efforts are being made to address the situation as quickly as possible. Compton Council member Jonathan Bowers, although not representing the district of Fire Station 1, has shown support for the firefighters and voiced his dissatisfaction with the conditions at the fire stations. In a statement, he expressed his commitment to rectifying the problem and improving service for both the public and the personnel.

The Compton city manager has informed Eyewitness News that upon being notified about the issues at Fire Station 1, immediate action was taken to ensure repairs are being carried out. Union members have acknowledged the efforts made by the fire chief and the city manager in handling the situation. Daniel Salazar, the union president of Compton Firefighters Local 2216, mentioned that a tentative plan for repairs was provided by the fire chief and that a company has been engaged to commence the repair process and address mitigation concerns. It is expected that firefighters will be unable to return to Fire Station 1 for at least 30 days as repairs and necessary measures are implemented.

The closure of Compton Fire Station 1 highlights the importance of maintaining infrastructure to ensure the well-being of firefighters and their ability to serve the community effectively. The ongoing efforts to address the issues and rectify the situation reflect the commitment of the union, city officials, and fire department personnel to provide improved service and maintain a safe working environment for the benefit of all.

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